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The Vast Financing Opportunities in Securing Climate-Compatibility


Climate change is described as the greatest market failure in human history because there is clear evidence suggesting the urgent need for businesses to transition towards a resource-efficient and a low-carbon economy. However, this can only be achieved immediately with the active involvement of investment institutions.


This is resulting in businesses to lose significant percentages of their global gross domestic product (GDP) each year. For this reason, public and private decision-makers around the world are faced with the dual necessity to make changes in their businesses significantly and rapidly by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide and adapting global sustainable patterns to reduce their impact on climate change.


Similarly, researches and gathers information on leading institutional investors and asset managers that are, conversely, committed to changing their business principles, strategies and operations. Therefore, we clearly illustrate the interface between Financial Institutions and World Climate Change. Moreover, identifying the unique and vast investment opportunities, because of the clear and present dangers and the undeniable responsibilities, of our time.


Christopher J. Berlet Bsc, CFA

Asset Allocation Reports

January 14, 2020

December 13, 2019

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