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NY Times explosive photos of methane exhaust

Why now?

At least we collectively are exposing it all.

Getting a sense of how big it all really is.

I am not naive. I know that we have been soiling our nest for a long time.

Humans are wired for short term. Brinksmanship. We are on the brink of serious… disaster? Invention and innovation? Recovery?

In this age of social media and OUTRAGE culture… I don’t want to add to it.

I get the outrage of youth.

I don’t accept that “you did this to your children’s future”.

Constructive change. Central and decentralized. Guided by Adam Smith. Guided by new learning we have from looking over the brink.

OMG… I went to search for a classic lemming cartoon. Look what I found, such a sign of the times.

Scroll down to see what is visible and what is invisible.

The leak, and many more, were invisible.

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