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Poland’s first steps towards ESG

Poland’s stock exchange last year initiated a responsible investment drive and Grzegorz Kaliszuk of AgioFunds illustrates the journey ahead for the Polish ESG mutual funds market.


Poland is still just at the very beginning of the road towards a more substantial level of ESG investment, but a step forward was taken in August last year when the Warsaw Stock Exchange started to publish an index dedicated to companies that observe ESG criteria. The WIG-ESG (formerly the Respect Index) has a 10-year history.


Yet currently there are only two investment management companies on the Polish market that have the ESG ‘emblem’ in their offering and between them, they manage four ESG funds.


NN Investment Partners TFI offers the NN Global Responsible Investment Fund, the NN Polish Responsible Investment Fund, and the NN Responsible Investment Index FIO Fund. Another asset management company, PKO TFI, markets the PKO Global Ecology and Social Responsibility Fund.


The total value of assets accumulated in these four funds at the end of 2019 amounted to 1.7 billion Polish zloty (€373 million), which is just 0. 6% of all assets in Polish investment funds.


The share of ESG funds globally already reaches 15%, or 25 times more than in Poland.


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