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Microsoft and BP team up in green energy push

BP will help Microsoft go green by 2025.


Microsoft and BP have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will see the pair help each other reach the shared goal of reducing their respective carbon footprints to nil.


Under the MOU, the two companies will collaborate as “strategic partners”. BP will continue using Microsoft Azure infrastructure and, in return, will provide the software company with renewable energy.


“Utilizing Microsoft Azure cloud enables BP to access a broad and deep portfolio of cloud services, ‎including machine learning with Azure Digital Twins, data analytics, security and more, to gain greater ‎insights, drive significant optimization opportunities and transform business processes,” BP explained in a press release.


BP, for its part, will provide Microsoft with renewable energy for its data centers in various regions across the world, including the US, Europe and Latin America.


“The agreement contributes to Microsoft’s 100 percent renewable energy goal by 2025,” BP added.


The two companies will also work together on a number of projects, including two smart cities initiatives, clean energy parks, clean consumer energy, as well as industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.


“BP shares our vision for a net zero carbon future, and we are committed to working together to drive reductions in carbon emissions and fulfil demand with new renewable energy sources,” said Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business.


“A strategic partnership such as this enables each organization to bring its unique expertise for industry-leading change and the potential to positively impact billions of lives around the world.”


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