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Letter: Green energy action needed now


Earth’s atmosphere regulates the sun’s life giving … or deadly … radiation.

The ozone layer shields us from excess ultraviolet light.

Earth’s magnetic fields shield us from high energy particles.

And our ancient atmosphere’s balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide has allowed life to flourish and human civilization to develop.

Every breath we take is part of Earth’s ancient atmosphere. We exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide in balance with Earth’s atmosphere. Plants perform the opposite exchange, breathing in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, using the sun to grow organic compounds that trap the sun’s energy in carbon bonds, giving us food and the very air we breath in a process that has been going on for billions of years.

When humans began to extract the sun’s energy from plant-based carbon sources we also started to release the carbon dioxide accumulated by plants for many millions of years. Ever since then our climate has been heating up from rising carbon dioxide levels, an inescapable truth of chemistry, physics, solar radiation, and human actions.

We are not far from extreme and unlivable heat, crop failure, starvation, disease, collapse of civilization, rivers running dry, unpredictable drought, deadly floods, coastal city submersion, extinction of Earth’s creatures, and horrible wars if we fail to act and change our ways.

We can continue our fossil fuel use causing thousands of years of suffering or do something now to create a green energy system … with jobs, jobs, jobs … that benefit us all and preserve our wonderful, benign climate.

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