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Government’s green jobs investment trailing behind G7 nations, warns TUC

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady


BRITAIN is failing miserably to invest in vital measures needed to transform industry and create green jobs to prevent a climate disaster, the TUC warned today.


Despite the government’s declaration of a 10-point “green industrial revolution,” Britain is trailing sixth out of the G7 leading industrialised nations in committing the investment needed. Only Japan is doing less.


The TUC’s report says that spending of £180 per person on green jobs creation is a “drop in the ocean” compared with the United States (£2,960), Italy (£1,390), Canada (£870), France (£710) and Germany (£600).


It says that the government should allocate £85 billion to create an emergency green infrastructure — compared with its current £12.13bn.


The investment would re-equip workplaces, create 1.24 million jobs, re-equip workplaces and develop tidal and hydrogen power, electric vehicles and clean steel.


It would also help Britain’s economic recovery following the pandemic, the TUC said.


TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Good green jobs should be at the heart of our economic recovery from the pandemic. But the Prime Minister’s plans are nowhere near ambitious enough.


“The government should look to the rest of the G7 and put more money into green jobs and infrastructure. It’s a chance to replace the jobs lost in the pandemic and level up the UK.


“We can revitalise towns and communities that have lost traditional industries and make better jobs available to the millions in insecure jobs on poverty pay.”


She said that committing the £85bn needed would “show real leadership when the country needs it most.”


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