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Australia, UK to fund low-emissions tech

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The two governments have signed a letter of intent as part of Australia’s $565.8 million plan to fund low-emissions projects with various nations.

The agreement with the UK will look at clean hydrogen, carbon capture use and storage, small modular nuclear reactors as well as green steel and measuring soil carbon.


Energy Minister Angus Taylor says it will help create jobs, reduce emissions and “ensure countries don’t have to choose between growth and decarbonisation”


Australia has been under sustained international pressure on climate action because it has resisted committing to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.


Net zero refers to balancing greenhouse gases emitted with the amount removed from the atmosphere.


The Morrison government has said it would like to reach net zero as soon as possible, preferably by 2050.


It says it’s already working with Singapore, Japan and Germany on low-emissions technologies.


In June, Australia signed a declaration of intent with the latter nation focusing on hydrogen.


The government hoped these deals would create up to 2500 jobs.

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