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Renewable Energy ETFs

Top 5 Renewable Energy ETFs

Inception DateISIN CodeExchangeExchange SymbolLocal TimeMERMgt. FeeSymNameCurrencyLast TradeChangeOpenPrevious CloseVolume31.Dec.2018Year HighYear LowUSD Market Cap
Clean Energy ETF
June 13, 2007US46138G8472 NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.00750.0075PBDInvesco Global Clean Energy ETF$ USD12.280.08512.2312.1958310.2612.789.7548137600481376003920000
October 24, 2006US46137V4077 NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.00670.005PZDInvesco Cleantech ETF$ USD43.55180.191843.5643.36475236.846.245634.90291785623801785623804100000
October 24, 2006US46137V4077 Bolsa Mexicana de ValoresXMEXTrading Live0.00670.005PZD*Invesco Cleantech ETF$ MXN719.200719.2208965200---
May 3, 2007US92189F5026NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.00630.005SMOGVanEck Vectors Low Carbon Energy ETF$ USD62.150.31762.450461.833184054.1567.89551.2189079470.789079470.71433298
May 3, 2007US92189F5026Bolsa Mexicana de ValoresXMEXTrading Live0.00630.005SMOG*VanEck Vectors Low Carbon Energy ETF$ MXN1217.58-16.751217.581234.33515012781329.81210.2---
May 3, 2007US92189F5026Santiago Stock ExchangeXSGOTrading Live0.00630.005GEXVanEck Vectors Low Carbon Energy ETF$ USD61.13-1.6862.8162.8146154.662.8154.25---
October 10, 2006US92189F3047NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.00560.005EVXVanEck Vectors Environmental Services ETF$ USD103.30950.1193103.3095103.190225683.26114.770178.413615832536158325350000
August 13, 2007US92189F6016NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.0060.005NLRVanEck Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF$ USD49.4757-0.117349.475749.59311248.5753.8647.980923086944.842423086944.8424466632
August 13, 2007US92189F6016Bolsa Mexicana de ValoresXMEXTrading Live0.0060.005NLR*VanEck Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF$ MXN970.471.07970.47969.44385940.2994.15933.8---
August 13, 2007US92189F6016Santiago Stock ExchangeXSGOTrading Live0.0060.005NLRVanEck Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF$ USD47.97047.9747.97047.8547.970---
February 8, 2007US33733E5006NASDAQ Stock ExchangeXNASTrading Live0.0060.006QCLNFirst Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Idx Fd$ USD21.61890.018921.5721.6866417.6222.67916.31108094543.2378108094543.23785000002
March 3, 2005US46137V1347 NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.0070.005PBWInvesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF$ USD29.54010.020129.3329.521727221.3931.2820.081734003871734003875870000
March 3, 2005US46137V1347 Bolsa Mexicana de ValoresXMEXTrading Live0.0070.005PBW*Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF$ MXN530.9500530.95050000---
April 15, 2008US46138G7060 NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.0070.005TANInvesco Solar ETF$ USD29.88-0.1930.1530.079513818.5531.817.46540427640040427640013530000
April 15, 2008US46138G7060 Bolsa Mexicana de ValoresXMEXTrading Live0.0070.005TAN*Invesco Solar ETF$ MXN52428524.8496630402.5524.8386.8---
June 24, 2008US4642882249NASDAQ Stock ExchangeXNASTrading Live0.00470.0047ICLNiShares Global Clean Energy ETF$ USD11.075-0.03511.1211.11840228.2611.23637.866129127250029127250026300000
June 24, 2008US4642882249Bolsa Mexicana de ValoresXMEXTrading Live0.00470.0047ICLN*iShares Global Clean Energy ETF$ MXN218.912.11218.9206.791181.4218.9170.61---
June 28, 2018US00162Q4608Cboe BZX (BATS)XCBOTrading Live0.00650.0065ACESALPS Clean Energy ETF$ USD30.880.073630.9330.8064784222.733.4721.3671024061.7671024061.762300002
June 16, 2008US33736G1067NYSE ArcaXNYSTrading Live0.0060.006FANFirst Trust Global Wind Energy ETF$ USD13.1454-0.032613.1813.178815011.4613.7311.040172299726.290872299726.29085500002
November 16, 2009US33737A1088NASDAQ Stock ExchangeXNASTrading Live0.0070.007GRIDFirst Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid Infra Idx$ USD48.60.425148.5348.174917741.1149.900137.2829160097.229160097.2600002

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