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Trade War without regard for climate preservation. An EC countermeasure?

Global markets. The environment.

Two tender and robust systems.

And now we have to sort out causal and effect between the two.

Seems no dispute that Trump’s trade war was taken on to reset a 30+ year liberal agenda that allowed the Chinese to take advantage and create increasing global power.

And why would you play a long game if you thought the world would be soon be unrecognizable and survival subject to very volatile influences from environmental destruction?

Interesting read here from TIME…

China, Trump and the new trade environment

The trade war impact has been to narrow their administration to focus on economic risk. Good news. Slow down their arc. Isolate them if we successfully protect western IP and reclaim employment. Good news.

And it has caused them to ignore environment.

Now for an interesting twist… this quote posted to attract you deeper into the article below the header “Europe takes the lead.”

Tough choices.

Global markets. The environment.

We need to make both, and wisely. Too bad the White House acts too often like a wisely rather than a wise leader.

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